GCSE Mathematics (8300)

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Notes and Guidance: Foundation and Higher Paper Improvements (Summer 2023)

This Foundation and Higher tier papers guide explains the key improvements you’ll see across our GCSE Maths papers for Summer 2023.

In this guide, we’ve collated and annotated a selection of questions from the updated 2023 Practice Papers to give you a better idea of the changes we’re making, for both Foundation and Higher tier. On each page, you’ll find a review of a question from the updated 2023 Practice Papers, including details of how we've improved the question for future exams.



Some highlights: 

Support for mock exams

We provide mock exam analysers to help you evaluate students' performance in mock exams. A marking guidance document is also available to give you greater understanding of how to apply an AQA mark scheme.

Teaching guidance

The teaching guidance is written by senior examiners and provides comprehensive guidance on each topic within the specification, including example questions. 

Customisable route maps

Plan your teaching of the course with our interactive, customisable route maps. These contain links to supporting resources such as lesson plans, activities, worksheets and homework sheets for Foundation tier and Higher tier.

Route maps are available for teaching both tiers over two or three years, as well as a one-year route map specifically tailored for resit students.

We also have Powerpoint versions available for use offline.

Other popular resources:

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