New GCSE Mathematics Specification (8300)

The fully accredited specification, specimen question papers and mark schemes can be found on the AQA Website.


Past Papers - (June 2017 available now)

Question papers and mark schemes are added here as they become available.

Mock exam analysers are also available here.

Examiners reports are available here.


Feedback on the exams - AQA training which:

• provides feedback on the summer 2017 examinations for the new GCSE specification
• provides an assessment of student answers at different levels
• discusses how students can better meet assessment objective requirements in their answers and offer strategies that may improve student performance
• looks at implications for teaching and learning

Available both face-to-face and online.


Specimen and Practice Question Papers


Topic Tests

Topic tests are now available covering all topics.


Route Maps

Plan your teaching of the course - use our customisable Route Maps


Teaching Guidance

Our teaching guidance will help you plan by providing examples of the content of the specification.

  • The Teaching Guidance can be found here

Supporting Resources

We provide lesson plans, activities, worksheets, homework sheets and topic tests.
Some of the teaching resources include activities to support the pedagogy of stretch and challenge.  For guidance on the content of the specification and illustrations of the type of questions which would be asked on a question paper, please refer to our teaching guidance.
  • Supporting resources for foundation tier can be found here
  • Supporting resources for higher tier can be found here
  • A list of the topics and links to resources can be found here.

Extra multiple choice question practice - diagnostic questions

AQA have teamed up with Craig Barton's Diagnostic Questions website to share free diagnostic question assessment for our new 2017 GCSE Maths specification.

Following our popular Route Maps, we will produce quizzes for each of the topics covered, providing a truly comprehensive package to support your teaching and assessing of the GCSE specification. Use the ready-made quizzes or individual questions as part of your assessments to measure progress, highlight misconceptions and get your students ready for this important style of questioning.



Use our e-library to find maths resources across the web.


Problem Solving

The new Maths GCSE has an increased focus on problem solving. Our 90 maths problems resource is designed to support teaching and preparation for this problem solving requirement (AO3).

The problems are listed by strategy and by content area making it easy for you to link in as you teach.