Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics (8365)

AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Maths is a unique qualification designed to stretch and challenge high achieving mathematicians who

  • either already have, or are expected to achieve the top grades in GCSE Mathematics
  • are likely to progress to A-level study in Mathematics and possibly Further Mathematics

It complements GCSE Maths by encouraging students' higher Mathematical skills, particularly algebraic reasoning. It builds on the Key Stage 4 curriculum and is intended as an additional qualification to GCSE Mathematics, rather than as a replacement. It doesn't infringe upon AS Level Maths but does help students prepare for the extra rigour required in further studies at Level 3.

Supporting resources

Our Level 2 Further Maths Handy links resource guide has links to all our resources in one place, or use the menu on the left hand side to navigate  straight to the section you need.

As well as the Specification and Specimen papers, other highlights include the Teaching Guidance, worksheets and route maps and topic tests.

Changes from the legacy specification

  • Content changes from legacy specification are relatively small - Rationale for changes
    •  extensions to existing content which allow for more variation and depth to the questions in the exams.
  • There is a Changes to Specification content document
    •  some existing content was beyond the legacy GCSE but is now included in the current GCSE.


Changes to the Specification Content
Downloadable resource in pdf format. 16/05/2018
Rationale for Changes
Downloadable resource in pdf format. 16/05/2018

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