AS and A-level Further Maths Teaching guidance

Our Teaching guidance has been written to accompany the new AS and A-level Further Maths specifications. It is an essential tool to help you plan for first teaching in September 2017.  
For each topic within the specification content, the Teaching guidance documents:
  • clarifies how we have interpreted the content

  • explains what students should be able to do to meet the requirements of the topic

  • defines which content appears in the AS and which is A-level only

  • provides example questions to demonstrate how content may be assessed

  • supports teachers in delivering new or unfamiliar content.

The Teaching guidance is presented in four documents, one to cover each section of the specification: pure maths, mechanics, statistics and discrete. This enables you to download and print the options you are going to teach.

The AS and A-level Further Maths Teaching guidance documents are available for All About Maths members to download below. If you are not an All About Maths member, you can sign up for an account free

We recommend that you use the Teaching guidance alongside our Route Maps