Practice Papers 

Notes and Guidance: Foundation and Higher Paper Improvements (Summer 2023)

This Foundation and Higher tier papers guide explains the key improvements you’ll see across our GCSE Maths papers for Summer 2023.

In this guide, we’ve collated and annotated a selection of questions from the updated 2023 Practice Papers to give you a better idea of the changes we’re making, for both Foundation and Higher tier. On each page, you’ll find a review of a question from the updated 2023 Practice Papers, including details of how we've improved the question for future exams.

GCSE Mathematics (8300) Specimen and Practice Papers

You can access our specimen and practice papers below:

This material is for teachers only. It is the copyright of AQA and should not be shared on any website nor passed outside of your centre.

Mock Exam Analysers

You can find mock exam analysers for the new practice papers on the Mock Exam Analysers page. These will be published following the release of each practice paper set and will be updated throughout the year. 

Looking for the original 8300 Practice Papers?

You can still access all of the original practice paper sets for the 8300 specification on the 8300 Original Practice Papers page.

Legacy Specification Question Papers 

A selection of legacy specification question papers are available.