Teaching Guidance for GCSE Mathematics (8300)

Comprehensive step-by-step advice, written by senior examiners, on what your students should be able to do, including example exam questions.

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Updates to our Teaching Guidance 

Following feedback from teachers we’ve now made our Teaching Guidance even better.

These improvements are mostly around adding further clarity to some areas of the Guidance and adding more appropriate examples.

There are a small number of changes which won’t have a significant impact on the teaching of the specification, but may be worth a look as part of your schemes of work:

  • A13h - Notes amended
  • A18 - text removed from 3rd Note 
  • A20h - 1st bullet amended in Teaching Guidance
  • A22h - bullets removed from Teaching Guidance and Notes
  • P5 - bullets removed from Teaching Guidance
  • S2 - text added to 2nd bullet in Teaching Guidance.

These changes have been side barred in version 2.

Details of all other changes to the Teaching Guidance and Notes sections can be found in the separate ‘Teaching Guidance Tracker’ document.