AQA Route maps (Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics)

On this page you will find the first versions of AQA's Route maps for the Level 2 Certificate in Further Maths.

These planning tools are designed to help you organise your teaching of the specifications around your school timetable, as well as help you target the exam series that will best suit your students. The combination of the Route maps with the Assessment guidance document should provide you with the level of detail required to teach the new specification successfully.

Each Route map is provided in PowerPoint. We've pre-populated the fields to offer a suggested route through the content, though we appreciate that you will want to alter this to suit your own teaching needs. When viewing individual slides in 'normal' PowerPoint view, you will find that you can move the topic tiles and holiday dates to suit your needs. However, when you run it as a slideshow, the tool allows you to link from the topic tiles to the relevant specification references for the Linked Pair. It also gives you the space to put in your own comments or resource links.

Further Maths with GCSE Linear
For centres teaching Further Maths alongside GCSE over 2 years.06/09/2011
Further Maths
For centres teaching Further Maths as a standalone qualification, or after GCSE Maths. 06/09/2011

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