The Entry Level Certificate controlled assessments measure subject-specific skills that cannot always be tested by timed written exam papers. Find out more about how and when to submit your students' work and about the process of moderation. 


Centre declaration sheets

Centre declaration sheets are for schools/colleges to:

  • authenticate students' internally-assessed work
  • confirm the internal standardisation of marking.

Candidate record forms

We produce candidate record forms for all coursework and controlled assessment components. They are for:

  • students and teachers to authenticate the work
  • teachers to record their assessments and supporting information.

Centre declaration sheets and candidate record forms can be found on the Exams admin page on our website.

Record sheets

Please use the record sheet for all class work components to record which outcomes a student has achieved.

In some components, outcomes at Entry 3 (and sometimes Entry 2) subsume outcomes at a lower level. In these cases it is not necessary to complete separate work for the subsumed outcomes. If the Entry 3 (or Entry 2) outcome has been successfully achieved, the subsumed outcomes can be credited as complete and marks awarded.

On the record sheet, subsumed outcomes are in brackets.

Outcomes in bold are not subsumed by any outcomes at Entry 3 or Entry 2 so to gain marks for these, separate work must be completed.

If you prefer to do work for each outcome separately that is fine, there is no need to use subsuming if it doesn’t suit you or your students.

If you have your own way of recording outcomes achieved, you can use your own version instead of the record sheet as long as it is clear to the moderator which outcomes you are claiming for each student. 

ELC Maths 5930 Record Sheet
Downloadable resource in pdf format. 21/08/2015

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