GCSE Maths (8300) Shadow papers

Update 4 November 2020: we've updated the following papers:

  • 8300/1F Foundation Tier Shadow Question paper 2020 v1.1
  • 8300/2H Higher Tier Shadow paper Mark scheme 2020 v1.1


Our new GCSE Maths shadow papers are based on real AQA exam questions and have been produced by assessment experts.

For each question across the six papers (which are based on the 2020 series), aspects such as the numbers have been changed but the demand-level, content covered and assessment objective being tested remain the same.

This set of papers will be new to students but are carefully designed to represent the same difficulty as the original papers. All changes in the papers are then carefully followed through into the comprehensive mark schemes.

Producing a high quality set of shadow papers and mark schemes is not an easy undertaking and we wanted it done by someone with proven experience. So, we called upon maths experts Graham Cumming and Grahame Smart.

Graham Cumming is a leading producer of assessment-linked resources to support teachers of mathematics.

Grahame Smart has a wealth of experience both teaching mathematics and supporting teachers as a consultant. For many years, he’s worked closely with the London Grid for Learning (LGfL) supporting teachers and developing innovative resources.


We're trialing the publication of GCSE Maths Shadow papers and would like to hear your thoughts. Your feedback will help determine whether we continue to produce them. Please get in touch at to let us know what you like about them and if they are a useful resource.


AQA GCSE Maths Shadow papers are copyrighted to AQA and are held on Secure Key Materials, Centre Services and All About Maths.

They are for use by teachers only and can be shared with students within an AQA registered centre, in the classroom or on an internal moodle/VLE system.

They may not be passed outside of your school or college in any format including sharing on a public facing website (including school websites), social media site or video sharing site.