Our Key Stage 3 Test Analysers are available now. These will help you see how each student is developing and where intervention may be needed.


“These termly Key Stage 3 tests are a great bank of assessment questions designed to be accessible to students of any ability. Interchangeable questions mean I can make tests relevant to my class, and are invaluable support”
Danielle Bartram, lead practitioner, numeracy lead and creator of missbsresources.com


What are AQA Key Stage 3 tests?

We've worked with teachers from the Ark schools to put together a series of tests aimed at Key Stage 3 students.

Covering Years 7, 8 and 9, our termly Key Stage 3 tests help you:

  • check your students understanding
  • identify areas where intervention is needed
  • get students used to how GCSE papers look and feel
  • become familiar with command words and question styles to GCSE
  • to design the test you want by cutting and pasting from across the tests.

Our Key Stage 3 tests are designed to help you see how your students are engaging with mathematics and performing relative to each other; they should not be used to predict future GCSE grades and we won't offer indicative grade boundaries, as these could not currently be reliable. However, these tests, or questions taken from them, may support your school's strategy in addressing assessment without levels.


How to use the tests

Start your students with the main test for that term. From there, students who perform well can move to a more demanding extension test to challenge them further.

For students who don’t perform as well, follow on with the consolidation test to understand more about gaps in their knowledge.

The end of year tests can stand alone as they cover all the year's content. Choose from main or extension papers for each student. These tests more closely mirror the structure of GCSE, with one calculator and one non-calculator paper each, and overlapping questions.


How the content of the tests is structured

The topics in each test were closely aligned to the original Mathematics Mastery 5 year plan. Unfortunately this plan is no longer publicly available. If the tests do not match your curriculum, you can use the editable tests as a a question bank and create something that matches what you've taught. 



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