GCSE Mathematics (8300) New Practice Papers - Set 3

This third set of practice papers is intended to help your students prepare for first examinations in 2017, by reflecting the balance and expected standard of our new assessment. That’s why we recommend you use them for mock exams this term.


Marking Guidance 

These papers have been trialled with over 6000 students. The mark schemes that accompany them are highly detailed so that you can mark reliably to the standard of our examining team. To help with this, we have provided further marker training material.


Data Portal 

You can also upload your students’ marks and get instant feedback on question and assessment objective performance by student and by class. Now that we have enough data you will also be able to see how your students performed compared to the other students involved in this project. You can get more information and find out where to register here.


Mock Exam Analysers

We were unable to include topics analysis in the data portal, so we have created a Class Analyser which matches the mark breakdown in the portal. This should make it more straightforward for you to cut and paste from the portal into the Analyser. You can also then see the population ranking for your whole class/cohort in one place. These and the other 8300 Mock Exam Analysers can be found here.