AQA's legacy GCSE question papers

These papers will give you opportunities to use old questions with your students, but please note that the subject content, assessment objectives and weightings of these papers do not fully reflect the new qualification or the style in which our new papers will be written.

Intermediate tier

Over the last few months we have received requests from teachers for access to legacy intermediate tier question papers (3301 and 3302) to use with their students in advance of the new GCSE.
Intermediate tier exams were designed to assess grades B to E and while these are certainly not the same as the new Foundation tier exams, the comparisons being drawn are understandable.


Additional Maths

The Additional Maths qualification (9306) should also prove a useful source of problem solving questions as suggested by the specification rationale below.
Mathematics is essentially a holistic subject and, as such, should be taught in this way with connections being made across different content areas. The assessment is designed to meet the requirement for greater challenge for the most able through some questions with a significant problem solving element and others which will require candidates to use and apply knowledge in novel and abstract contexts.

Our 90 maths problems resource is designed to support teaching and preparation for this problem solving requirement (AO3).

The problems are listed by strategy and by content area making it easy for you to link in as you teach.