AQA All About Maths

Welcome to our online resource site for maths teachers

To mark the launch of our new specification, we have harnessed the knowledge and expertise of the teachers who set and mark our question papers, to offer you hundreds of free teaching resources.

Here you will find:

  • the specification broken into teaching topics, with a possible teaching order and suggestion of teaching time required
  • detailed guidance on every specification reference within each topic
  • lesson plans and other supporting resources on all topics
  • homework sheets for students
  • practice papers for mock exams.

The site also benefits from our extensive experience running the Curriculum Pathways Project funded by QCDA. We are grateful for QCDA's permission to reproduce material from the project.

The majority of documents are in a format you can download and edit to suit your needs. You can also add our files to your VLE and share them with colleagues.

The site will invite you to join discussions on pertinent Maths issues and ask senior examiners questions about the new specification.

We hope that you will find this site and the resources we already put into it useful in planning and teaching our GCSE Maths courses, whether you follow a linear or unitised approach. We want this to be a growing site and will be adding new resources and responding to your feedback on an ongoing basis. Looking forward, the success of this site will depend on it remaining useful, fresh and stimulating so it becomes the centre of a thriving online mathematics community, sharing ideas and resources and growing together for the benefit of teachers and learners.

We look forward to hearing from you - Andrew Taylor and the AQA Maths team


The lesson plans provided are not intended to provide exhaustive cover of the whole specification and nor should they be treated as such.  The lesson plans are provided solely as examples and ideas of possible approaches to some aspects of the specification and teachers are reminded that it remains your responsibility to ensure that all aspects of the specification are covered by your students. Further, some lesson plans and associated resources contain external links which writers think may add some value to teaching. AQA does not believe any such sites are required in order to teach the course effectively, and take no responsibility for the content, suitability, availability or appropriateness of these external sites.