AS and A-level Maths Teaching guidance

The Teaching guidance has been written to accompany the AS and A-level Maths specification and will help you plan your teaching.  
For each topic within the specification content, the Teaching guidance:
  • clarifies how we have interpreted the content
  • explains what students should be able to do to meet the requirements of the topic
  • defines which content appears in the AS and which is A-level only
  • provides example questions to demonstrate how content may be assessed
  • supports teachers in delivering new or unfamiliar content.

Download the AS and A-level Maths Teaching guidance

The Teaching guidance can be used alongside our Route Maps to assist with planning. 

Updates to our Teaching Guidance 

We have made a number of changes to our Teaching Guidance to ensure that they support teachers as much as possible. These improvements are mostly around adding further clarity to some areas of the Guidance and adding more appropriate examples.

There are a number of changes which may be worth a closer look as part of your schemes of work:

  • Advice on the use of calculators: B4, B6, B11, F5, H3, L3
  • Formula not given in the formula booklet corrected: G2
  • Clarification on increasing/decreasing functions: G3
  • Finding the area under a curve defined parametrically: H5
  • Comment on the skewness of a distribution shown in a boxplot: L1
  • Use of the unbiased estimator of the population standard deviation: L3
  • “or” as an inclusive or: M1
  • Use of a normal distribution as an approximation to a binomial distribution: N2
  • Further advice on Statistical Hypothesis testing: O1
  • Advice on accuracy: P1, Q5, R3
  • Advice for particles connected by a string: R4