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These contact details will put you in touch with our staff who can help you with any of your queries on AQA All About Maths.

Registration and renewal queries

Only teachers who have registered can access AQA All About Maths resources. If you would like to register please follow the instructions found here. If you encounter difficulties in registering to use AQA All About Maths, please contact the Maths Team on 0161 957 3852.

If your membership has expired this is because your centre has not renewed their All About Maths account. Please contact the Maths Team on 0161 957 3852.


Login queries

If you have successfully registered with AQA All About Maths, but you have forgotten your username or your password, please click on Login help and follow the instructions provided.


User account queries

Teachit is providing technical and account assistance on our behalf and is able to help if you encounter difficulties logging on, managing your user account or are having problems with creating your VLE download folder. Please note that Teachit is unable to help with renewal queries. Contact Teachit on 01225 788858 or by email:


General enquiries

In the event of a general enquiry about AQA All About Maths please contact the Maths Team on 0161 957 3852 or by email: AQA Maths Team.