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A frictional story
Task set on a rough inclined plane.20/07/2017
An activity on rationalising denominators.18/07/2017
Acceleration due to gravity
Strobe image showing a ball falling allowing students to see acceleration due to gravity.20/07/2017
Addition formulae
Worksheets for practising the addition formulae.18/07/2017
Additional integrals
Rich task looking at combinations of definite integrals.19/07/2017
Alternative form
Worksheets for expressions in the form R sin(x+a) and R cos(x+a).18/07/2017
Antiderivative worksheet
Simple worksheet for thinking about antiderivatives.19/07/2017
Antiderivatives and indefinite integrals
Examples and exercises.19/07/2017
AP proof sorter
This is a self-checking tool to learn and understand the proof of the formula for the sum of an arithmetic series. Flash required.18/07/2017
Applying small angle approximations
Video explaining how to use small angle approximations.18/07/2017
Areas of triangles
Fluency practice for finding the area of triangles using sine.18/07/2017
Arithmetic series
Scaffolded worksheet and extension questions for arithmetic series.18/07/2017
Arithmetic series exam questions
A useful bank of exam questions from the legacy specification.18/07/2017
Average speed
Problems involving average speed.20/07/2017
Binomial and hypothesis testing
Worksheet with binomial questions including hypothesis testing.20/07/2017
Binomial distribution
Notes and worksheets for working with binomial graphs.20/07/2017
Binomial distribution
Notes and exercises for binomial distribution20/07/2017
Binomial distribution
Slides about when and how to use the binomial distribution.20/07/2017
Binomial Expansion Lock Game
Binomial expansion worksheet where answers to questions are used to obtain a 3-digit code. 18/07/2017
Binomial expansion worksheets
Notes, examples and a summary activity for binomial expansions where n is negative or a non-integer.18/07/2017
Binomial expansion worksheets
A set of worksheets to introduce binomial expansion and develop fluency.18/07/2017
Binomial puzzle
A card-based puzzle for binomial distribution.20/07/2017
Breaking Strain
Contextual activity for resolving forces.18/07/2017
Calculating arcs and areas of sectors of circles
Lesson plan and resources for working with sectors in radians.18/07/2017
Calculus in kinematics exercise
Calculus in kinematics worksheet with answers.20/07/2017
Calculus kinematics
A selection of exam style questions and solutions.20/07/2017
Can we approximate the area under this sine curve?
Review question using numerical methods to estimate the area under a sine graph.19/07/2017
Can you find... (cubic edition)
Rich task for exploring cubic graphs.18/07/2017
Can you find... (trigonometry edition)
Rich task looking at transformations of trigonometric curves.18/07/2017
Can you find… chain rule edition
A rich task finding functions to meet certain criteria.19/07/2017
Can you find... trigonometry edition
Activity for combined transformations of sine graphs18/07/2017
Cartesian components of vectors
Notes and exercises on writing vectors in Cartesian component form19/07/2017
Cartesian components of vectors 2
Notes and exercises on writing vectors in Cartesian component form.19/07/2017
Cartesian components of vectors powerpoint
Slides giving an introduction of i and j components in vectors. 19/07/2017
Census or sample?
An activity looking at types of sampling and sample size.19/07/2017
Chain rule resources
Notes, examples and exercises for the chain rule.19/07/2017
Change of sign video
Video showing what a root is and how to show that a root lies in a given interval by using the change of sign method.19/07/2017
Change one thing
Rich task exploring arithmetic sequences.18/07/2017
Circle Geometry
Rich tasks for teaching the equation of a circle.18/07/2017
Circle worksheets
Circle geometry notes and worksheets including a summary exercise.18/07/2017
Circles exam questions
A collection of legacy specification exam questions on circle geometry, with answers.18/07/2017
Classifying equations of parallel and perpendicular lines
Activities and discussion prompts for parallel and perpendicular lines.18/07/2017
Coastal erosion: estimating area
Students approximate the area of a piece of land with an irregular coastline, and the area lost to coastal erosion over time.19/07/2017
Comparing averages and spread
Worksheet in which students alter the original data set and analyse what happens to the averages and spreads. 19/07/2017
Rich task looking at composite functions.18/07/2017
Composite and inverse functions
Worksheets on composite and inverse functions.18/07/2017
Conditional probability puzzler
Scaffolded tree diagram activity.20/07/2017
Constant acceleration equations
Notes, examples and exercises.20/07/2017
Coordinate Geometry Group Cards
Tasks for solving linear graph problems.18/07/2017
Correlation and regression
Notes and activities for correlation and regression.19/07/2017
Correlation coefficient
Lesson plans and activities for correlation coefficient.19/07/2017
Cricketing MMM
This is a Powerpoint that covers all the different situations in which calculating measures of location might be required.19/07/2017
A geometric progression activity involving logs.18/07/2017
Curve Match
Rich task for thinking about curve sketches.18/07/2017
Data types and sampling methods
A gap fill on data collection and sampling19/07/2017
Defining vectors
Activity for developing fluency in vector addition.19/07/2017
Definite integration worksheets
Examples, worksheets and activities on definite integration.19/07/2017
Definite integration worksheets
Examples, worksheets and activities on definite integration.19/07/2017
Differential equations
Worksheet on solving first order differential equations.19/07/2017
Differential equations
Examples of forming and solving differential equations.19/07/2017
Differential Equations
Worksheets for differential equations involving exponential growth.18/07/2017
Differential equations legacy exam questions
Legacy exam questions on forming and solving differential equations.19/07/2017
Differentiating logarithmic and exponential functions
Notes on differentiating e and ln from first principles.18/07/2017
Differentiating trig functions
Worksheets for trig differentiation (includes chain, product and quotient rule).19/07/2017
Differentiation dominoes - simple polynomials
Matching activity for differentiating simple polynomials.19/07/2017
Differentiation from first principles
A group activity investigating gradients of curves.19/07/2017
Differentiation of e and ln
Worksheets for e and ln differentiation (includes chain rule).19/07/2017
Differentiation revision
Mixed worksheet on differentiation.19/07/2017
Differentiation worksheets
Worksheets to practice basic differentiation.19/07/2017
Rich task for exploring the discriminant.18/07/2017
Discussing distance
Rich task looking at two different motion graphs.20/07/2017
Domain and range dominoes
Rich task featuring a card match for domain and range.18/07/2017
Equation or identity?
Trigonometric proof activity in which students classify identities and equations.18/07/2017
Examples and exercises on quadratic simultaneous equations.18/07/2017
Estimating gradients
Task involving the gradient of y = sinx.19/07/2017
Estimating the coefficient of friction
Practical activity looking at friction.20/07/2017
Evaluating Statements about Radicals
Always, sometimes, never activity.18/07/2017
Ever wondered why?
Codebreaker activity for numerical negative and fractional indices from JustMaths. In this codebreaker resource, each row is arranged in a group of three: an answer, a letter and a question. First do the question under 'Start' and write down the corresponding letter. Find the answer and do the same again - continue until you reach 'finish'17/07/2017
Exact Value Trigonometry
A worksheet requiring students to use their understanding of exact values.18/07/2017
Exercise on differential equations in mechanics
Worksheet with solutions.19/07/2017
Exploring equations in parametric form
Rich tasks looking at the gradient and intercepts of curves given in parametric form.18/07/2017
Exponential and logarithmic regression
Worksheet and video on regression using logs.19/07/2017
Exponential and natural logarithmic functions
Worksheets for plotting and transforming e and ln graphs.18/07/2017
Exponential and natural logarithmic functions
Worksheets for plotting and transforming e and ln graphs.18/07/2017
Exponential functions and their graphs
Practice questions for graphing and applying y = a^x and y = e^x.18/07/2017
Exponential growth and decay
An introduction to exponential growth and decay from the perspective of calculus applications to the physical world. Includes links to video examples and an exploration of population growth.19/07/2017
Exponential growth and decay
Examples and questions for applied exponential functions.19/07/2017
Exponential growth and decay: differential equations
Textbook chapter with explanations, examples and questions.18/07/2017
Exponentially increasing like rabbits
An exponential growth problem that can be solved using natural logs.19/07/2017
Factor theorem and algebraic division worksheets
Fluency exercise for algebraic division.18/07/2017
Factor Theorem Teaching Resources
Rich tasks for the factor theorem.18/07/2017
Factorising quadratics
Fluency exercise for factorising quadratics.18/07/2017
False positive
Probability tree activity.20/07/2017
First order differential equations
Worked examples for differential equations.19/07/2017
First steps into differentiation
An IT task investigating gradient.19/07/2017
Floppy Hair
Graph matching task looking at maximum points.19/07/2017
Force as a vector
Notes and exercises.20/07/2017
Force as a vector
Notes and examples.19/07/2017
Forces acting at an angle: Resolving Forces
Worked examples and exercises for resolving forces.18/07/2017
Forces at a point
Worksheets for drawing diagrams and forces in equilibrium.20/07/2017
Forming differential equations
Short worksheet on forming differential equations.19/07/2017
Four Functions
Rich task considering domain, range and inverse. For each of these functions, can you draw their graph? Can you find the inverse function? Their domain and range?18/07/2017
Examples and worksheet for the coefficient of friction.20/07/2017
Friction exam revision
PowerPoint with examples.20/07/2017
Frightening function
Rich task to start thinking about partial fractions.18/07/2017
Functions stack
Rich task looking at symmetry and asymptotes in graphs.18/07/2017
Further calculus in kinematics exercise
Exercise and examples for calculus in kinematics, displacement/velocity/acceleration varying with time, in 2D and 3D.20/07/2017
Further projectiles materials
Worksheet and notes.20/07/2017
Geometric sequences and exponetial growth and decay
Lesson ideas and activities for modelling with sequences18/07/2017
Geometric series
Scaffolded worksheet, activities and extension questions for geometric series.18/07/2017
Geometric series exam questions
A useful bank of exam questions from the legacy specification.18/07/2017
Going round in circles
Rich task for discovering the reciprocal Pythagorean identities.18/07/2017
Gradient match
A rich task matching graphs of functions to their gradients.19/07/2017
Gradients of gradients
Task looking at graphs of second derivatives.19/07/2017
Graph transforms
Activities for developing fluency in graph transformations.18/07/2017
Graphical iteration (staircase and cobweb)
8 Questions with graphs to iterate and find estimates for solutions.19/07/2017
Graphing exponential functions
Straightforward fluency practice for graphing y = a^x18/07/2017
Graphing exponential functions
Notes and practice problems for drawing exponential graphs.18/07/2017
Graphs of exponential functions
Lesson and worksheets for graphing y = a^x.18/07/2017
Graphs of inverse trigonometric functions
Activity in which students plot the inverse trigonometric graphs and consider their features.18/07/2017
Guessing correlations game
Online game looking at correlation coefficients.19/07/2017
Haircut Costs
A box plot comparison activity.19/07/2017
Have a sine
Rich extension activity exploring trigonometric ratios and identities.18/07/2017
Heave Ho!
Activity looking at the motion of a heaving line.18/07/2017
Hexagon puzzle
Activity to introduce vectors19/07/2017
Slides and questions for histograms.19/07/2017
Hit the spot
Rich task involving magnitude, direction and Cartesian component form.19/07/2017
How Far Did the Earth Move?
Task using logs to model magnitude and energy.19/07/2017
Hypothesis testing
Notes and example including testing for the sample mean.20/07/2017
Hypothesis testing
Notes and examples on how to conduct hypothesis tests.20/07/2017
Hypothesis testing for the binomial distribution
Video explaining how to conduct binomial hypothesis tests.20/07/2017
Hypothesis testing topic mat
Template to complete the stages of hypothesis testing.20/07/2017
Hypothesis testing using the binomial distribution
Geogebra tool for binomial hypothesis tests.20/07/2017
Hypothesis testing worksheets
Worksheets including binomial testing.20/07/2017
I can see u!
Task to develop fluency in writing expressions in terms of u in order to use the chain rule.19/07/2017
Identifying distributions
Classification activity to identify the appropriate statistical model (also includes Binomial, Poisson, Normal, Continuous Uniform Distribution so will need to be adapted).20/07/2017
Identifying distributions
Classification activity to identify the appropriate statistical model (also includes Binomial, Poisson, Normal, Continuous Uniform Distribution so will need to be adapted).20/07/2017
Identifying outliers
Task involving constructing a box plot and considering outliers.19/07/2017
Implicit circles
Task looking at various approaches for finding the gradient of a circle.19/07/2017
Implicit differentiation
Structured worksheets on implicit differentiation.19/07/2017
Inclined plane model
Interactive geogebra file of an object on an inclined plane.20/07/2017
Increasing and decreasing functions
Worksheets looking at increasing and decreasing functions.19/07/2017
Increasing, decreasing and not monotonic sequences
Video explaining the different types of sequence.18/07/2017
Indefinite integration
Examples, worksheets and activities on indefinite integration.19/07/2017
Indefinite integration
Examples, worksheets and activities on indefinite integration.19/07/2017
Independence, dependence, mutually exclusive or not?
Worksheet using set notation to look at independence and related concepts.20/07/2017
Independent, dependent and mutually exclusive events
Video summarising what we mean by dependent, independent and mutually exclusive events and related probability formulae.20/07/2017
Indices activities
Five rich tasks for exploring indices both numerically and algebraically.17/07/2017
Indices matching
Worksheet for practising index laws and algebraic fractional and negative indices17/07/2017
Examples and exercises for linear, quadratic and graphical inequalities.18/07/2017
Inequalities for some occasions
Rich task on quadratic inequalities.18/07/2017
Inequalities worksheets
A set of exercises on linear and quadratic inequalities.18/07/2017
Inequality Exam Questions
Legacy A level exam questions on linear and quadratic inequalities, with answers.18/07/2017
Inequations: Regions
Fluency practice for graphical inequalities.18/07/2017
Integral chasing
Rich task for developing fluency in definite integration.19/07/2017
Integral sorting
Card match activity for integration by substitution.19/07/2017
Integrating algebraic fractions
Notes and exercises for integrating with partial fractions19/07/2017
Slides and worksheet for area under curve.19/07/2017
Slides introducing integration.19/07/2017
Integration by parts
Integration by parts questions.19/07/2017
Integration by substitution
Integration questions that require substitution.19/07/2017
International System of Units (SI)
Website defining the SI base units and providing information about their historical context.20/07/2017
Interpreting frequency graph, cumulative frequency graphs and box and whisker plots
Lesson plan and card sort.19/07/2017
Interpreting frequency graph, cumulative frequency graphs and box and whisker plots
Lesson plan and card sort.19/07/2017
Interpreting the regression line constants, explanatory and response variables
Video on interpreting regression lines.19/07/2017
Introducing e
Lesson plans and activities for introducing the concept of e.18/07/2017
Introduction to algebra
Fluency exercise for simplifying algebra.18/07/2017
Introduction to series
Straightforward worksheet on sigma notation, to develop fluency.18/07/2017
Introduction to vectors
Notes, examples and worksheets on component vectors.19/07/2017
Inverse, composite, domain and range of functions
Gap fill activity designed for pairs or groups 18/07/2017
Is the gradient function increasing or decreasing on this curve? 
Task looking at where functions are increasing and decreasing .19/07/2017
Is the Serpentine Lake really 40m acres?
Approximation task linked to introducing calculus.18/07/2017
Is the Serpentine Lake really 40m?
Rich task looking at approximating areas.19/07/2017
Video on how to solve an equation using iteration.19/07/2017
Kangaroo lovers
A activity to explore the sum to infinity of convergent geometric progressions.18/07/2017
Kinematics workbook
Comprehensive workbook containing a wide range of questions on topics in kinematics.20/07/2017
Linear equations and Mr Venn
Rich task for classifying equations of straight lines.18/07/2017
Linear Functions
Rich tasks for linear graphs.18/07/2017
Linking the properties and forms of quadratic functions
Card sort for quadratic functions.18/07/2017
Logarithm dominoes - simplifying logs
Matching activity involving log laws.19/07/2017
Logarithm lattice
Rich task sorting log expressions by size18/07/2017
Logarithm worksheets
Log law worksheets to develop fluency.19/07/2017
Logarithmic equations maze activity
Fun worksheets for solving equations using logs and ln.19/07/2017
Magnitude and angle of the resultant force
Overview video.20/07/2017
Make it equal
In each situation, students are given two of the forces and the fact the particle is in equilibrium, and have to find the third force.20/07/2017
Make it stop!
Rich task involving applying forces to particles.20/07/2017
Make it stop!
Rich task involving applying forces to particles.20/07/2017
Making predictions and reliability of predicted values
Video on using regression lines.19/07/2017
Making statistics vital
When is a reading from a Binomial distribution significant? It all depends on the level of the test. Here is a chance to test student understanding of the issue, with the help of Excel.20/07/2017
Manipulating Surds
Card sort, dominoes and exercises for simplifying surds.18/07/2017
Matching differential equations to descriptions
Card match activity in which students match descriptions to equations.19/07/2017
Mathematical Modelling
Teacher package of articles and lesson ideas.18/07/2017
Maxmimums and minimums in alternative form
Worksheet looking at graphs of R sin(x+a) and R cos(x+a) to determine maximums and minimums18/07/2017
Mechanics 1 PowerPoints
A set of PowerPoints including one on vectors for mechanics which includes magnitude/direction form.19/07/2017
Mechanics 1 Videos
A set of videos including vectors.19/07/2017
Mechanics PowerPoint
PowerPoint and workbook for mechanics topics.20/07/2017
Modulus always, sometimes, never
Activity in which students classify statements about modulus graphs and transformations.18/07/2017
Modulus function worksheets
Worksheets for Modulus equations, inequalities, graphs and transformations.18/07/2017
Moments puzzle challenge.20/07/2017
Moments revision sheet and problems
A set of problems on moments.20/07/2017
Moments worksheets
Worksheets and examples for moments.20/07/2017
Money matters
Contextual worksheet to practise calculating terms and sums from an arithmetic series.18/07/2017
Muddled trig
A matching activity involve trigonometric graphs.18/07/2017
Nested Surds
A rich task to explore surds.18/07/2017
Newton, Leibniz, and Usain Bolt
An introductory video about some of the concepts underlying calculus.19/07/2017
Newton's first law conceptual worksheet
Questions on Newton's first law.20/07/2017
Newton's first law conceptual worksheet
Questions on Newton's first law.20/07/2017
Newton's first law of motion
Video explaining Newton's first law of motion.20/07/2017
Newton's laws of motion
A sheet for summarising and testing knowledge of Newton's laws of motion.20/07/2017
Newton's second law
Video explaining Newton's second law.20/07/2017
Newton's third law activities
Discussion points for making sense of Newton's third law.20/07/2017
Newton's third law of motion
Lesson ideas and practical activities for exploring Newton's third law.20/07/2017
Newton's third law of motion
Examples and exercises20/07/2017
Newton's third law of motion
Overview video.20/07/2017
Normal distribution matching activity
A card sort activity where students match questions to graphs and solutions.20/07/2017
Normal distribution question sheets
A set of contextual normal distribution questions with answers.20/07/2017
Numerical Methods
Numerical methods exam questions and slides.19/07/2017
Numerical Methods
Brief notes and examples for location of roots, iterative procedures, cobweb diagrams and staircase diagrams.19/07/2017
Numerical Methods
Fluency practice for the change of sign rule.19/07/2017
Numerical methods notes
Notes on numerical methods.19/07/2017
Numerical methods: finding roots
Interactive slides for finding roots.19/07/2017
One windy day
Problem involving the trajectory of a ball.20/07/2017
One windy day
Rich task about the trajectory of the ball.19/07/2017
One windy day
Mechanics problem involving vector geometry and parametric equations.18/07/2017
Activity on finding the optimal size of a baked bean can.19/07/2017
Optimisation worksheet
Contextual optimisation questions.19/07/2017
Order! Order!
Investigation into combined transformations.18/07/2017
Ordinary differential equations
Notes including Newton’s law of cooling.19/07/2017
Over the Moon
An exponential growth problem that can be solved using natural logs.19/07/2017
Parametric and cartesian equations target board
Activity with levels of increasing difficulty.18/07/2017
Parametric and implicit differentiation
Notes, examples and exercises for parametric and implicit differentiation.19/07/2017
Parametric Equations
Slides and exercises for teaching parametric equations.18/07/2017
Parametric functions lock game
Activity involving all aspects of working with parametric equations.18/07/2017
Parametric paths
Rich task exploring parametric functions.18/07/2017
Parametric points
A matching activity looking at stationary and critical points on parametric curves.19/07/2017
Partial fraction codebreakers
Activities to practise partial fraction decomposition.19/07/2017
Partial fractions
Slides and questions.18/07/2017
Partial fractions
Notes and exercises on partial fractions.18/07/2017
Partial Fractions Card Sort
Card sort to determine which method to use.18/07/2017
Parts, substitution, recognition
A set of integration worksheets.19/07/2017
Physical quantities and S1 units
A level physics presentation introducing quantities and units.20/07/2017
Picture the process I
Sketch graphs for real life situations18/07/2017
Picture the process II
Sketch graphs for real life situations.18/07/2017
Position vectors
Video about position vectors.19/07/2017
PowerPoints on moments
Key points summarised in two PowerPoints.20/07/2017
Worksheet and matching activity.20/07/2017
Product and quotient rule resources
Notes, examples and exercises for the chain rule.19/07/2017
Projectile simulator activity sheet
Activity, with simulation, to explore a variety of questions regarding projectiles.20/07/2017
Proof and reasoning
Proof notes and examples.18/07/2017
Proof of the addition formula
Scaffolded worksheet allowing an accessible proof of the addition and double angle formulae.18/07/2017

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