What is a Mock Exam Analyser?

Students can now evaluate their own performance

The Mock Exams Analyser enables your students to reflect on their performance, as well as learn from their mistakes, ahead of the live examination. If you are using papers as mocks, then you can use this simple spreadsheet to analyse the results, saving you time and supporting your teaching.

Example of analysis

Once you've marked the test, give the papers back to students, download the Analyser and make it available to them. They will then be able to:

  • analyse their grade and how far off their target grade they were
  • compare their performance on each question with the students who took the live examination, using real data from the exam
  • see how they performed on individual Assessment Objectives and topic areas
  • review each question with the mark scheme, report on the exam and a model answer
  • get a printable summary of performance 

For further information, please see the Technical Guidance document.

Technical Guidance
Downloadable resource in doc format. 21/01/2011

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