AS and A-level Maths and Further Maths

Our new AS and A-level Maths and Further Maths qualifications were available for first teaching from September 2017. First exams for AS and A-level Maths and AS Further Maths were in summer 2018. First exams for A-level Further Maths were in summer 2019. 

The full specifications, specimen question papers and mark schemes can be found on the AQA Website. We've also created amalgamated versions of the specification subject content for both Maths and Further Maths which indicate the content that is A-level only.

Autumn 2020 exam papers

Once papers from the autumn series have been used, they’ll be available on All About Maths as usual, so you can use them in your mock exams later this year and early 2021.

Please do not share these papers outside of your classroom/virtual class room. This is to make sure that other teachers can still use them as unseen papers for mocks. So we’d like to remind exams officers and teachers that materials on AAAM are:

  • the copyright of AQA
  • only to be used for its specified purpose
  • not to be shared on any website (including school websites) or social media sites
  • not to be passed outside of your school or college.

If you’ve previously shared 2019 or 2020 question papers / mark schemes on any website, social media platform or video sharing site, please remove them immediately.

Any use of these materials which compromises the confidentiality of a live assessment will be taken extremely seriously and may be treated as malpractice. This includes offering solutions, partial solutions or comments on a website or elsewhere.

Supporting resources


Practice papers 

We have created practice papers and mark schemes for you to use for mock exams. These practice papers are in line with the specimen assessment materials that were approved by Ofqual and reflect the standard you can expect in exams.

Route maps

Our A-level Route Maps are customisable schemes of work that provide a suggested order of teaching for the new qualifications.

Teaching guidance

The Teaching guidance clarifies how we have interpreted the content of the specification and includes example questions to show how content may be assessed. 

Teaching guidance for AS and A-level Maths
Teaching guidance for AS and A-level Further Maths

We've also compiled some guidance and support on the large data set that students must study for AS and A-level Maths.


Our e-library contains links to interesting and useful resources. It has been curated by experienced teacher, blogger and resource maker Jo Morgan.

Topic tests

Topic tests to help you track student progress are available now.

Formulae poster

Download and display our formulae poster to help students learn the formulae and identities they will need to know for their exams.