Level 3 Mathematical Studies (Core Maths)

The Preliminary material can be found from 1st March each year on eAQA.

The accredited specification, specimen question papers and mark schemes can be found on the AQA Website.

Route Map

AQA Route Maps are flexible planning tools designed to help you organise teaching of the specification around your school timetable.
  • Route Maps run in PowerPoint. To help you get started we've pre-populated fields with a suggested route through the content, but you can easily change this to suit your teaching.

  • when viewing slides in 'normal' view, you can move the topic tiles and holiday dates

  • make sure you drag in the option you’re teaching from the right hand side

  • each topic slide lists the scope of the topic (as per the specification) with links to resources

  • when run as a slideshow, you can link from the 'calendar' pages to the topic slides and into the relevant area of the All About Maths site.


Supporting Resources

You can find lesson plans, activities and worksheets here.


Question Papers

View our:



Early Adopter Launch Meetings - September 2014

We held 6 meetings for early adopters in September 2014. Resources from these meetings can be found below and the complete set of resources can be downloaded here.


Preparing to Teach course materials now available

We held courses and the delegate materials are now available from:


The Teachers' Guide

The Teachers' Guide has been updated with further exemplification. Version 1.1 was released in December 2015.