Entry Level Certificate (5930) Route map and worksheets

You can use our route map to help you plan your teaching of this specification. 


These worksheets are written to match the outcomes in the new specification. We are writing worksheets for all 8 components. You can use these worksheets for all class work components or you can set your own class work which must cover the outcomes for each component as outlined in the specification.

A maximum of 4 components should be from class work, you can choose any 4 out of the 8 available. The remaining components, not already covered by class work, must be externally-set assignments. These assignments, set by AQA, are on the secure area of the website e-AQA.

Worksheets for components 1 – 8 are available now.



Practice Worksheets These worksheets cover all outcomes across all 8 components of the ELC Maths 5930 specification. Please note these are for practice only. The full set of worksheets that can be submitted as part of the final portfolio can be found in the box above.