GCSE Maths (8300) Mock Exam Analysers - Practice Papers

Analysers for past papers are available here.

We have two types of mock exam analyser. For each paper we have a student friendly version and a class comparison version.

The student friendly analyser will allow the student to:

  • see how they performed on the test and identify topic areas where they are strong or weak
  • see the mark scheme and a model answer for each question

The class comparison version will allow you to:

  • see how the class performed on the test and identify common topic areas where students are stronger or weaker
  • the RAG (red, amber & green) system will highlight common question answering patterns
  • help you identify students who may need additional support


Practice Paper Set 1


Practice Paper Set 2


Practice Paper Set 3


Practice Paper Set 4

  • We are keen to have feedback on how we can improve these analysers so please let us know what you like about them and what we could do to improve them. Please email any suggestions to


We have a library of Mock Exam Analysers that cover most current GCSE and A-level Maths qualifications.