1 Year Route Map - Week 18 - Consolidation


As with Weeks 6 and 12, Week 18 is a time for reflection and consolidation of skills. Resit students commonly struggle with memory difficulties and retaining information. Don’t forget that they will have seen all of this maths before…but they cannot do it all.

Doing a topic once and moving on will not guarantee successful outcomes. This week is time for a revision with more exam questions (Milestone 4), clarifying misconceptions and more practice, practice, practice. A full exam paper is the culmination over half term with progress being identified and celebrated.  

The Scheme of Work follows a Five R’s teaching approach documented in the course overview; Recall, Routine, Revise, Repeat, Ready. 


*Please remember to use our Teaching Guidance alongside your teaching.


Week 18 Learning Objectives

  • To become familiar with common exam pitfalls.
  • To work effectively and fluently with all aspects of maths coverage in Weeks 13-17 and/or the previous Autumn term.
  • To identify next steps and targets.