Project packs

We are producing a series of project packs to help teachers with the delivery of Level 3 Mathematical Studies, with the aim of bringing the maths to life and helping to solidify learning by really using the maths they’ve learnt.

Written by Core Maths expert, Dave Gale, who also writes a blog containing lots of other teaching ideas, we are going to publish four project packs in the 2023/24 academic year with the aim to cover all the common content in Level 3 Mathematical Studies and the content from option A: Statistical techniques.

The first pack “Can I afford to… ?” is available now, and the others will follow. 

Any feedback on these resources is welcome by emailing, and if you’d be interested in getting involved next year with writing projects for options B or C, please let us know.

Can I afford to...? Zip file v1.1
Downloadable resource in zip format. 01/11/2023

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