Publication of AS mark schemes

To support teachers in their first year of teaching we have released draft versions of the mark schemes for this summer’s ‘live’ AS Maths and Further Maths exams. This isn’t something we would usually do but we know that many teachers are interested in using the first AS papers as end of year 12 exams.

It’s important to be clear that these are draft versions and there may be some small formatting or typographical errors that you wouldn’t expect to see in the final mark schemes. As soon as the final mark schemes are available in August you should replace these draft versions.

We’ve thought very carefully about whether this is the right thing to do, as students are awaiting the results of these exams and it could be upsetting and unhelpful for them if the content of these schemes was part of any public discussion. These draft mark schemes are only intended for use in marking internal exams and we ask that you only share these mark schemes with colleagues where needed.

We don’t intend to publish draft mark schemes for other subjects or for future examination series.