Exampro secure mock exam analysis portal

If you’ve downloaded our practice paper set 3 and their mark schemes for GCSE Mathematics (8300), you’ll be interested to know that the Exampro data analysis portal is now live and will remain open until Easter 2017.

You can upload your students’ marks and get instant feedback on question and assessment objective performance by student and by class. Then you’ll be able to target interventions where required and get your students ready for the first live exams in summer 2017.

You can now also get insight into the performance of a national cohort:

  • mean marks for each paper and each question
  • the distribution of marks across the papers
  • each of your students' rank in the total population, per paper and in the subject

Please note that these results are designed to help you understand how your students are progressing on the GCSE course, and identify where their strengths and weaknesses are. They are not a guarantee of performance standard in the live exams in summer 2017.

In order to get the best possible data into the portal for reliable comparison, we would ask you to ensure the following:

  • all your students sit a full set of 3 papers at either Foundation or Higher tier, using practice papers set 3
  • this is done under exam conditions and students are given the full exam time
  • marks should be input at question level. We know that this is a lot of work but it is essential if we are to be able to give feedback at question and assessment objective level.

Please note, we have assigned each question to the assessment objective (AO) that fits best. However, AOs are assigned at mark level so a whole question tagged as AO3, for example, is likely to have some AO1 marks within it. This means that the overall proportion of AO2 and AO3 questions will be higher than the overall proportion of AO2 and AO3 marks. It does not mean that we are testing AO2 and AO3 any more in these papers than we are required to. Across all six papers, there are a couple of questions where we could not sensibly apply a single AO to the whole question and have asked you to input marks by part question. These are paper 1F Q24 and paper 3F Q6.

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You can now register for your login with Exampro. They should send you and your Data Manager the login details within five working days.

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